The bobs'n'babes story 21/11/2010 - by bobs'n'babes | photos: Miksa Andjelic bobs'n'babes was established in 2008 by designers Karla Matkovic and Paul Prescott. They met in India where Karla was working as a clothes designer and Paul as a travel photographer.

They decided to create a line of clothes that would reflect their own lifestyle: simple and fun. They produced their first mini-collection in in India, but soon realised that they could achieve better quality standards producing in Europe. "It meets our needs for quality and simplifies our lives", says Karla. "With an environmental ethos to decrease our carbon footprint and support local economy, we use local stitching and printing outfits within 20km of our offices", says Paul.

bobs'n'babes story

Today, their collection includes clothing for women, men and children. All garments are made from high quality combed-cotton fabrics.

bobs'n'babes has three outlets on the island of Brač and are represented by a dozen of independent stores along the Croatian coast. "People love our clothes because they are simple and fun, with great fabrics, and brings a smile", says Karla.

bobs'n'babes story

They are in constant creation for new ideas and concepts. They draw our inspiration from environmental issues such as global warming, love and relationships and other issues. "We want people to wear something they believe in, that makes them comfortable in every sense", says Paul. "We wish to express positivity, creativity and portray a lifestyle of freedom. We won't stop here, so please make sure you stay tuned in for the next ideas, by joining our newsletter".

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