Frequently Asked Questions – with answers Shipping

All orders within Croatia are shipped Standard next day with Croatian post. We offer two options for international shipping.

- International Priority Post - delivery times are between 7-10 days.
- EMS - delivery times are between 2-5 days depending on the destination.

The shipping price depends on the weight of the items and destination. You will see the total amount of postage costs before you make your final order. However, as an approximate estimate, international shipping varies between 6-10 Eur, depending on your destination and package weight. Note that by adding items to the same order, the price doesn't increase that much, so in case you are planning to buy more items, it is always more economical to place them in one package.

We will be happy to ship to anywhere in the world, as long as there is a post office nearby .

Postal Tracking is only possible with EMS postal service, and in this case we'll provide you with your tracking number. However, Priority Shipping does not enable tracking, but guarantees it will get there.

Delivery times within Croatia are about 1-2 days. International delivery times vary between 7-10 days for International Registered post. EMS delivery times are between 2-5 days, with which you'll receive a tracking number.

Import duty for international orders is sometimes charged by the customs in your country. So please contact your local customs officer for information on import duty in your country.

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