Women t-shirt | 24 EUR

BRO? Is that you...?!?

A bit of dark humour in our disconcerting "Chick" design to remind us that eggs are chicken, and chicken are animals. If you want to wear it to make a statement or to simply make people around you laugh, we leave it up to you.

color: white
design: Chick |
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cut: t-shirt | tanktop

Material: 95% soft comb cotton + 5% Elastane - 180gsm

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women t-shirt

Combed Cotton. All our fabrics are carefully hand picked and we choose only high quality combed cotton. To make conventional cotton thread, the cotton is harvested, cleaned to remove dirt and seeds, and then carded. Carding separates the fibers and roughly lines them up, so that they all lie in the same direction. The cotton is divided into slivers, hanks of raw cotton which are spun into thread. When cotton is combed, fine brushes are used to pull out any remaining impurities, along with short cotton fibers. Approximately 15% of the volume is removed, leaving behind only long, straight fibers which are even and aligned.

The texture of combed cotton is softer because it lacks short threads to stick out and prickle, and all dirt and impurities have been removed. Combed cotton is also stronger, because shorter and breakable fibres have been removed through combing. In addition, the straightened fibers lie together more tightly, making combed cotton thread less likely to fray and unravel. As the combing process removes volume and adds an extra step, the resulting textile is slightly more costly.





Shipping Costs

Shipping costs depend on the weight of your ordered package and the postal service you choose. Here's an approximate idea of shipping costs:

Croatia: 10 kn
International Registered: starts at 5.30 EUR
EMS: Starts at 35 EUR


Delivery times

Shipping times depend on the postal service you choose. Here is an approximate idea of delivery times:

Croatia: 1-2 days
International Registered: 7-10 days
EMS: 3-5 days


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