First store in Zagreb 10/03/2011 - by bobs'n'babes bobs'n'babes is proud to announce that Dirty Old Shop in Zagreb, Croatia is now representing our brand. This is the first shop in the Croatian capital to sell our clothes. read more »
Launch Party aftermath 06/12/2010 - by bobs'n'babes Our Launch Party rocked!!! So many fun, cool people, friends and good vibes came to Sirup to celebrate with us. What to say: thank you all! It was all we wanted it to be. read more »
Summer Competition Winners 06/12/2010 - by bobs'n'babes For those of you who had the chance of visiting bobs'n'babes this summer on the island of Brac in Croatia, also had the chance to participate in our Summer competition. read more »
Special hoodies coming soon 23/11/2010 - by bobsnbabes After a season of summerwear we've decided it's a time for a winter treat. We've designed our very own hoodies! Not only do we have super trendy mega delicious print designs, we've also designed our own cuts for men, women and children. read more »
Launch Party Countdown 23/11/2010 - by bobsnbabes Yay! It's finally here! The funky webshop has been launched. And since we've put so much effort, energy and love into making it as best and user-friendly as we knew how, now we wanna celebrate with all of YOU! read more »
New Store in Milna 23/11/2010 - by bobsnbabes bobs’n’babes started in 2008 as an idea in Pushkar, India. Two years later, having gone from shop to shop down the Croatian coast and having sold on our own stand, we finally opened our own bobs’n’babes store in summer 2010 on the picturesque island of Brac in a small yachting village called Milna. read more »
The bobs'n'babes story 21/11/2010 - by bobsnbabes bobs'n'babes was established in 2008 by designers Karla Matkovic and Paul Prescott. They met in India where Karla was working as a clothes designer and Paul as a travel photographer. read more »
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